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Abbott Deganis
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‘Un ottimo modo per dire grazie ai tuoi clienti, amici e famiglia.

Crea pacchetti individuali scegliendo tra vini, liquori, birra e gourmet food 

Catalogo di Natale: clicca sui pulsanti sottostanti

Consegni a casa

The perfect way to say thank you to your clients, friends and family. Create your own combination selecting from the wine, beer, gourmet food and gin.

Christmas Catalogue:  Click on the buttons below 

Home delivery

Wine tasting, courses,  

aperitives, dinners 



I am Australian, have a PhD in wine flavour and have lived in Europe for the past 30 years. From wine scientist in France and Spain, to wine producer, wine educator and now importer and reseller in Switzerland, my entire working life has been involved in this fascinating industry. 

I am proposing wine courses, aperitives, dinners organized in your home for the number that you feel comfortable with. No stress - I bring EVERYTHING. Plates, cutlery, glasses, wine food etc. The host just needs to provide adequate space to sit and relax and enjoy the evening.


Any evening of the week or weekend, as early or late as your commitments allow. 


Aperitif: 4 different wines, abundant aperitive with eg. homemade bread and dips, focaccia, meat balls, cheese tarts, chicken wings….all home made.  Price from 30 Fr.- pp

Dinner: a 4-course meal with accompanying wines. Price from 80 Fr.- pp

Introductory Wine Course: 5 evenings to learn about how to taste wine, how wine is made, how to serve wine, bases of wine and food pairing. 300 Fr.- pp including 4 wines per evening and food, detailed notes and instruction. 

Advanced Wine Course: a course tailored to your needs: price depends on the selected wine and duration of the course.

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to call me or send a message on  +41 78 748 3618

or email:

wine tourism

wine courses



not just wine

English and cooking courses for children. English courses for adults

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