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Wine is fun

Learning to re-use our sense of taste and smell adds to our enjoyment of life....
Learn these skills whilst enhancing your knowledge about the vast world of wine in six fun and enjoyable lessons or create your own wine course depending on your interests

Basic wine course

Week 1:  Use your senses to analyse & enjoy wine

Week 2:  Production of sparkling wine & taste champagne, cava, spumante

Week 3:  How white wine is made with and without oak.

Week 4:  Red wine production from rosé to heavy reds.

Week 5:  Desert and cheese wine production & tasting 

Week 6:  Wine and food pairing - debunk the myths and learn the basic rules


Wine courses tailored to your interests

  • Organic/ Biodynamic wine - production & tasting

  • Women and Wine

  • History of Wine

  • Theme tasting by

    • style,

    • grape variety

    • country

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Corso introduttivo al vino 


Scopri il tuo senso dell'olfatto e del gusto 

Produzione di vino bianco 

Produzione di Spumante/Champagne/Cava/ Prosecco 

Produzione di rosso e rosato

Produzione di vino dolce 

Servizio vino, conservazione e abbinamento al cibo 


Costo : 300 Fr.- pp 

compreso il cibo preparato per accompagnare ogni set di vino, note di degustazione e vino



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